Digital Signage

What do you need to say?


What you need to communicate — to your customers or your employees — changes.  Day to day.  Week to week.  Month to month.  And that’s the problem with hardsigns:  they don’t change.  Not only are they static, but they are time-consuming and expensive to produce and install.

Digital signage is infinitely configurable and changeable in the moment to respond to your business needs.  Digital signs combine video, graphics, sound, text, and animation to deliver your message with flair to the right audience at the right time.

The value proposition is obvious, but only if the technology is reasonably priced and only if it doesn’t require an engineer or a computer programmer to run it.  That’s where Sayage comes in.

Reduce Your Setup Costs and Get Up and Running Faster

Sayage offers a robust, cost-effective platform that your employees can learn in under an hour.  We will tailor your digital signage solution to achieve your unique business goals, whether you anticipate a single digital display in your office lobby or thousands of units distributed around the world.

Return on investment (ROI): The return on investment refers to the tangible financial return or sales that resulted from a given form of advertising or marketing. Knowing the right time and right message increases your ROI, which means an increase in efficiency and time for your business, resulting in increased productivity.

Return on objective (ROO): The return on objective is the relationship of the dollars spent on the marketing and the objectives that were defined, measured, and completed. This can be more intangible and could include improving the buyer’s perception of the product or lowering perceived wait times.