Digital Signage Pricing and Customers

Pricing for the Sayage solution is affordable. In fact, we think the costs for the hardware, installation and ongoing subscription with a Sayage solution will compare favorably over time with even the costs of your hard signs… and hard signs don’t offer the power of weekly, daily, even hourly changes to your signage.

Whether your small business is installing its first digital sign or your international enterprise is deploying thousands of displays around the world, the simplicity and robustness of the Sayage solution will assure that deployment costs won’t bust your budget.  And our monthly subscription costs will surprise you!

Here are some of our “surprised” clients

Sayage offers digital displays from a variety of manufacturers, although Sayage partners specifically with Samsung and Panasonic to feature their digital monitors.  You can source your monitors through Sayage, or you can purchase your digital monitors from any vendor or manufacturer, giving you control over the largest capital cost for your deployment.

Sayage’s Elite Service Program is offered at an annual cost of 15% of the hardware replacement cost for monitors and HDMI devices in the customer environment.