Sayage Digital Signage Services

Sayage is a one-stop provider for your company’s digital signage solution.  Through Sayage you can purchase the HDMI devices, the displays, and the subscriptions for the Sayage environment.  Sayage offers a wide range of digital monitors — large and small, consumer-grade and commercial grade — to meet the particular needs of your business.


Sayage will train your staff on the application interface and the process for uploading and scheduling content.  Our expert trainers can get your Internet-capable employees up to speed on the Sayage interface in under an hour.  Our technical support team will be available afterward to answer questions and help your team get the most value out of the Sayage environment.

Service Installation

Sayage will preconfigure your Android devices to connect automatically to your network, so setting up your digital display requires simply hanging the monitor and plugging the HDMI device into your display.  Installation and setup can be handled by your personnel, or Sayage can provide on-site installation services through its team of expert technicians.

Elite Service Program

Sayage also offers the Elite Service Program to customers for whom their digital displays are mission critical.  Elite customers have the benefit of remote support for each of their digital displays through Sayage’s outstanding technical support center and advanced, pre-paid replacement of their digital signage components in the event of a failure.