Sayage System Requirements

You will be amazed at how little is required to take advantage of the value and elegance of the Sayage digital signage solution.

Hardware Requirements

A physical location with electrical power for your display, an open HDMI port on the monitor, and Internet access — those are the only requirements!

Manage Your Signage From Anywhere

The Sayage device can connect to the Internet either on your wired network or wirelessly.  If network access is unavailable at the location for your digital sign, Sayage offers a solution that uses the commercial cellular network to access the Internet.

Manage Your Signage from Any Device

To manage your displays and content, the only requirement is a browser with Internet access and someone from your team to create and schedule your digital signage.  After an hour of training, your team will be able to manage content creation and upload, content scheduling, and all functions for each of your connected displays through any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.